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Distributed Systems and Torrents

Distributed information processing systems can be compared with torrents in the nature of their work. They have been known to work in close similarity with one another and in many situations, the distributed nature of the torrents is what is applied to the other distributed computational systems for making the applications work on massive amounts of information and handle applications that need that the results of any of its computation be carried out on separate computers before the final result is combined. This is the same operating principle that is used for torrents and the distributed nature of the information that is used on these systems is what makes the torrents very effective.

The torrents are used as mechanisms for sharing huge internet files and the more people that are downloading the same files at a go means that getting bits and pieces of the file and combining it to for a whole will be much easier for the users. The torrent downloads are also way fast as the pieces are not all from a single source. Getting the components of the same downloads from diverse sources means that the information will be in a single piece at the end but when retrieving it, all the individual bits and pieces will have been sourced from many places. The users of the distributed system will also be pleased to have the result of a single computation coming in from the several computers that have been included into the equation of getting the end result from all that computation. The systems are designed in such a manner that any application or information they work with gets to be split across the participants and they will be therefore be in a position to have an accurate result with which to work in getting the user what they are looking for.

Distributed systems also borrow from the torrents in the nature of the applications that are designed and installed on them for use. These applications have to make full use of the underlying hardware architecture that is involved in the distributed systems and most of the time, the users of the applications will have to take care of the distributed nature of the information to ensure that all of it gets to be processed and the end results presented to the user through the interface that has been designated for this use.  The similarity in the two systems is something that has always been in the mind of many information scientists and the fact that they are both distributed over a network of many computers makes it possible to have a distributed system that can process a lot of information at the same time.

In conclusion, there are a lot of similarities that are included in the distributed nature of information processing and this is why torrent application and typical distributed systems are so similar. They work on the same basic operating principles and share the computational load across the devices that have been added to the general design of the computational design.