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Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

DDOS attacks are the attacks which are conducted on information systems that are always on and providing services to their customers. These servers are known to receive many requests from the customers and have to handle the requests in an orderly manner. The timely servicing of any incoming requests is what determines the flexibility and efficiency of the web application and whenever there are attackers that are looking to bring down an information system or a web application, they will mostly make use of a distributed denial of service attack in order to stop the application from rendering service to the genuine customers that have the right to making use of the application.

The attacks are carried out by a hacker that has a lot of computers that they can use in attacking the same server. These computers all send requests to the same server at a go and the server is rendered incapable of handling all the requests at the same time. With this in mind, the information that should be getting down to the users that are genuinely part of the transactions is interrupted and the users and customers of the web application will be locked out of the system. This is the reason the customers will find the web server to be out of service and this means that the service outage will have an impact on the normal running of the web application and the smooth operations of the online business. This makes it possible for the online business to serve its customers even when the requests are too many.

One of the ways in which the online business and web applications can be able to mitigate a distributed denial of service attack is in redirecting the incoming requests. The incoming requests can be redirected away from the server when they are detected to be coming from unfamiliar sources and this leave the computer server free to handle all the requests that are being sent to it from the genuine customers who require the servers being provided by the information system. Firewalls and distributed systems can also be applied in getting the distributed denial of service attacks out of the way and this has a huge impact on how well modern web applications are able to perform in delivering services and processing information for the users even when there are too many requests that are coming in from unknown computers that have been harnessed by a hacker to bring down the service provider.

To sum it up, any distributed denial of service attack that happens on the modern internet has been known to have a financial impact on the business and the web application needs to be capable of providing the customers with an uninterrupted service even when it is under heavy attack from the other computers. All the oncoming requests that arrive at the server must be separated to make sure that the genuine customers can still keep on using the service while others are locked out of the system.