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Digital Warfare and Its Economic Impact

Digital warfare is a very bad crime that has been known to bring down big business entities and corporations on the internet. It is perpetrated by evil criminal elements that make the wrong use of their time and programming skills to build systems that are intended to hurt the economy by causing businesses not to run at the same pace they have been running all along. In addition, the digital warfare causes a lot of online businesses to get disrupted and this causes losses as they don’t transact as well as they have been in the absence of the attacks and exploits aimed at their information systems.

Warfare is always intended to cripple systems and bring them down and the weapons that are intended for use in digital warfare are usually targeted at particular systems in order to fully take advantage of the configuration weaknesses and other inherent weaknesses of the information systems. For the modern world, the internet is a playground for these hackers and other minds to try attacking systems that are not well protected or have been left with gaping configuration holes in them by the developers of the system administrators that were setting them up.

In many cases, the warfare in digital form targets huge systems that have high redundancy for their systems and resources and in this case, they can put up a spirited cyber fight that will last for a bit longer. The computer resources that are used in digital warfare can be replicated in a half second and the resources will keep on running without getting interrupted. This is quite useful for systems that are accessed and have to stay active and providing services to their customers even in the case of real time attacks on them from hackers and other unknown entities who are intent on bringing them down.

Surviving a digital fight takes courage and proper planning that takes on the form of disaster management. Any system administrator that needs to survive through an entire attack will already have configured the system to revert to backup systems and databases whenever some of the online systems get attacked. In this manner, the system will be able  stay active and all the computers that are being attacked will simply hand-over their operations to backup systems and thus keep the system alive for long enough to push back the digital fighters without letting down the customers that rely on their services.

Being well equipped is not enough to survive economically in the case of digital warfare as a strategy also counts in how well you react to the attack and the measures you take to ensure that your ship stays afloat. Many online businesses and organizations make use of backups and redundant as well as failover systems to keep their customers getting their services even when there is a cyber-attack going on and this means that they are more resilient to the attacks and can keep their business alive for longer without running into losses.