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Detecting Network Intrusions

A network intrusion is a form of illegal access into a network where the party trying to gain access into the network uses all the means and tools at their disposal to trick the network into accepting their attempts at entering. The network intrusions that usually happen on a network might not always be from networks that are nearby but in some cases, it might be even from remote networked devices which are trying to reach out over the internet and gain access to systems that are on another network. The network intrusions, when detected early enough, are easy to deter and will not be expensive to take care of the damage that is brought about by a full-blown attack on the networked resources. Instead, the intrusion is detected early enough and the IP addresses that were trying to cause the attack in the first place are flagged by the security measures that are put in place on the network such as the firewalls and prevented from happening.

The processing of detecting network intrusions also prevents the other kinds of network attacks from happening such as denial of service attacks and man in the middle attacks. These internet and network attacks are known for their damage and the extent to which they have been known to eat into systems and critical computing infrastructure before they can be managed or put an end to. With the intrusions comes a flood of all types of attacks such as malware, worms and viruses which the parties breaking into the network will be using and this can cause serious damage to a system. It is not safe for a system that is incapable of detecting when an intruder is in the network as data and information flowing on the network might be stolen.

A network intrusion on a network causes alarm to the network administration and without the proper tools to prevent such attacks; the network becomes vulnerable to every kind of threat that comes its way which can seriously weaken the security of a system. There is no denying the fact that a system that does not have the proper security measures put in place will also not be able to defend itself in the case of cyber-attacks and in the modern world where systems that are not protected from cyber-attacks present information that is stolen and turned into money in dark web markets. These intrusions, when detected early, can be defended against and the proper security mechanisms should be installed on networks to detect when an intrusion is almost happening in order to raise the flag and isolate the IP address trying to gain access from the rest of the network. The system can also put in place other measures such as IP access control to prevent intrusions from happening which then means that nothing will be able to get into a network without having the proper identification in the first place. This is the reason network intrusions are dangerous for networks and one must be sensitive to them.