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Cyber Warfare

The modern information age has managed to drag in the trash with it in the form of hackers and internet criminals who take advantage of the information that is running the internet for their own benefit. Cyber warfare is the latest concept that has seen an overhaul to how information is defended and how modern information systems are attacked. The warfare is always aimed at information systems that are real time and provide one service or another to its customers. The warfare is very intensive and leads to massive losses for the people that run businesses online. The internet businesses that are targeted in these cyber-attacks also need to keep the privacy and confidentiality of the information that their customers provide to them.

The warfare takes on an approach that is unlike anything witnessed in conventional warfare as this is in the realm of digital information and modern systems that need to stay safe and secure in order to prove to be of any value to their users. The modern information systems, when under cyber-attacks, will employ defenses that will lock out the users or bring the system offline for a while as mitigations are explored for keeping the attack off the sensitive information which the company works with and should never reveal to external entities. The sensitivity of the information that any modern online business works with is enough to make them install safeguards in place against the online attacks and the cyber warfare that is going on around them at all times.

Information systems that are interacting with the customers must also be able to encrypt all information that is getting passed between the two parties at all times in an effort to prevent the information from getting cracked whenever it has been intercepted. Encrypting signs the messages to ensure that they are not tampered with and whenever the users are accessing the web application, an initiation sequence will establish the encryption standards and protocols which will be the safety standards for the entire session. Backing up the information for the modern information systems also helps them to survive worse cyber warfare incidents and with the use of redundant information systems, they can always pick off from where they left.

Backing up information for modern systems is useful as fragments of the information can still be used in bringing back the business to life after it has seen an attack incident. The backups are usually made to remote systems with continual updates with the latest information happening to the systems and thus keeping all the information safe and secure for the business. Online businesses and organizations should be able to be strong enough to survive cyber warfare and even live and manage to survive through it as the same measures that the attackers used can be employed to securing and protecting the information systems and all that he online entities need to have is strong defenses and ready backups to restore the systems in a graceful manner whenever there has been an online attack.