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Creating Your Own Wi-Fi Network

A wireless network is quite a convenience anytime you are in look for an easy way of sharing your internet with friends and creates a common pool from which information can be exchanged and obtained. It is useful that you know how you can create your own Wi-Fi network so that you can share your internet connection with the several devices in your home. With this know-how, setting up temporary wireless networks for the transfer of information will be much simpler and you won’t need to be worried about your friends getting onto a connection whenever they need to send emails or chat with their other internet buddies.

The process of creating a Wi-Fi network is very simple and can be done for all devices that have wireless capabilities. The setup and procedure for this is in the wireless network settings which are embedded into the connection settings of your device. It doesn’t matter the device you are using to set up the wireless connection for as long as you can get to the settings, then the rest is quite simple for you. To begin with, you will be required to get to the settings before you can get on with setting up the rest of the parameters which will define your wireless network.

The network name of the Wi-Fi network you decide to setup is the first parameter for the setting up of the wireless network. This enables network users to identify the network easily as well as forming a familiarity with the Wi-Fi connection. It is advisable to start with a simple name that you will use to share the network once you have established it. In addition to the network name, you are required to set-up the security structure for the Wi-Fi network. In many cases, you are required to decide between an open connection and a secure connection.

The open connection is easily accessible from any of the devices on the network and will not have to ask for any credential before letting the user onto the network. It is an unprotected network whose configuration lets anyone gain access onto the network and unless you have a proxy through which to authenticate the internet users, you will not be able to secure the connection. The second type of connection is the WPA/WEP secured wireless network which requires that you define a password that will be used to access the network. The password is simple and shared with the network users to set them apart from the rest of the neighbors within your wireless radius. This ensures that you have a safe internet usage that is controlled and not open for access to all.

In short, setting up a Wi-Fi network is very simple as all you require is simple access to your network settings from where you will create a name for the Wi-Fi network and decide on the security mechanisms you will use to keep it safe from close listeners that might decide to ride on your connection and eat into your bandwidth. Just as simple as that and you have a smoothly running Wi-Fi network to serve your needs.