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Context Aware Data Computation

Anytime information is being processed, it has to make sense for the applications that are processing it unless they are simply logic functions that are never aware of the information that they process. Computer programs that are concerned with the context in which information is processed tend to make the best use of the information and are even better at classifying the information they deal with. The context of information also makes it possible to be used in varied scenarios without having to change any bit of the information. A customer’s social media information, for instance, can be used to log into a web application that has been designed by the business to enable them take a virtual tour of the business. This means that the social information has been used in the context of creating a profile for them and making their information private.

Another application area of the context aware data computation is in modern day artificial intelligence. Modern artificial intelligence is based upon the reasonable usage of data no matter where it is obtained from. Depending on the current context in which the data is being used, the application might decide to display related information that will guide the user in their usage of the application. The performance of artificial intelligence programs is also determined by how well they are able to contextualize the information they are working with so as to enable better decision making. In many modern applications, the context of the information that is being processed or used by the user will determine how it is interpreted to be used by the program. As such, the program will only display certain information to the user only when it has been decided to be relevant. This prevents the amount of unrelated and irrelevant information that the user has to meet in their usage of the application and makes it a much pleasant experience using the application.

The awareness of the context in which computed data is being used also proves and demonstrated that a program is well aware of how it should use information and when or where it should display it. Additionally, the user will be safe from getting totally unrelated information whenever they are using an application. Being able to set contexts apart in most processing scenarios makes it possible for most applications to interact with the customer on a one-on-one basis and provide better suggestions. An AI assistant app, for instance, can provide suggestions to the user whenever they make a search depending on the kind of context they are working in. This means that the AI application will not shows schedule item that is not related to the user’s mood or the current weather. It will also narrow down searches to what is currently required by the information user hence improving their productivity.

In conclusion, context is very important in any information processing scenario and good applications are those which don’t jump into a conversation and begin throwing suggestions that are totally uncalled for to the user. Being context aware also makes applications respectful and providing suggestions for where to take out a date for dinner will be informed by the current trend in the food industry and the balance on the guys credit card.