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Cloud Computing Service Providers

Cloud computing, as a concept, has grown and developed into something that is both modern and powerful for the people that need it. It is also said to be one of the means with which information users and data scientists get to be equipped enough to handle all the information processing that they need. As a concept, the cloud has witnessed uptake from companies and internet based organizations as well as hobbyists and other people that are interested in taking up the concept of cloud computing in order to achieve their dreams and carry out experiments as well as build applications on top of this information architecture.

There are a lot of service providers that provide cloud computing services to their customers and for the most part, these providers provide the services at different rates. The prices and service packages are quite varied for each of the providers that currently provide the services and as such, one would be advised to look into the package that is provided by each of the cloud service vendors before they can make their decision on whether they can take up the services from one cloud service provider or the other. This will also save them money by going for the affordable services that have all they need in one package.

Google, Microsoft and Amazon are some of the main service providers for cloud services even though they are not the end of the list as far as the number of available cloud service providers on the internet is concerned. Digital Ocean is one typical example of a cloud service provider that lets their users create droplets of their favorite virtual machine which has their operating system of choice on the droplet and the specifications of the processing hardware scaled up or down depending on their needs. Users of the service have been known to love what they get from the provider and Digital Ocean hasn’t let down its customers in terms of service provision.

Google Cloud Platform is the cloud computing service that is provided by Google. It comes with a free trial which lets the customers explore all the potential that is provided by the service provider and get to demonstrate the abilities that are brought along with the service. The provider also lets the user make use of the other services that are provided by Google in building simple applications based on the infrastructure available.

Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform are some of the other major players in this field of cloud services and have been known to provide a huge range of services for their customers. The services are affordable and both vendors allow for their customers to have a trial run of their cloud services before they can even begin to pay for what they get. Additionally, the customers are also free to scale up and down the services they are using as well as the cloud computing instances they run in order to fit their needs and budget constraints.