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Checking your Browser for XSS Vulnerability

XSS is a form of internet security flaw in which the web session you are on gets hacked by a hacker and they introduce new scripts into the session which can be used for anything from modifying what you see on the website to presenting you an altered version of the web page which can be used to obtain information from you. Cross site scripting, as it is more commonly called, gets control over your current browsing session and in many cases, installs itself into the browser as a simple script. This is common when you are visiting websites that have not been properly secured and can cause you the loss of information in addition to placing your computer at risk.

Your device can be affected by the XSS vulnerability when you get new applications and software installed on your device from the browser. There can also be an escalation of privilege and permissions modification whenever there has been an XSS attack. The attacker will take advantage of the fact that you have a web browser that is not secure on your device to install a malware or any other application on your device. The installation is usually a silent one and does not bring up any prompts meaning that you will barely notice it. However, the program that has been installed on your browser or on your device will still communicate with the server that has been configured for it by the hacker and pass information from your end to the hacker. This is how information gets stolen from an internet user that has not secured their internet usage and a reason to be more cautious when you see prompts on websites that are asking you to install applications for free or visiting other websites in order to claim a prize.

The browser can be secured in many ways and the XSS vulnerabilities as usually as a result of not patching up your browser and whenever you use outdated browsers, it is unable to secure you from the XSS injection attacks. Patching and regularly updating your web browser ensures that you are getting the latest source code from the developers which include security strategies that keep you safe away from the XSS injection. The XSS attacks have been known to present other pages in place of the bank account website you visit and in the event that you enter your login information, it gets intercepted and used to siphon funds from your bank account.

In conclusion, XSS attacks are a scary threat to the safety of customer information whenever they go visiting websites on the internet. It makes it possible for hackers to sneak in new websites that are a replica of the genuine websites and use them to steal information from the unaware internet user. By making simple changes such as updating your browser and your computer security configuration, you can secure yourself from these kinds of attacks and make sure that your internet usage is safe and secure from all kinds of attacks and damage that are present on the internet.