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Black hat Hackers and their Toolboxes

Black hat hackers are the kind of hackers who are known to attack systems and test them for any security weaknesses. The difference between them and the white hat hackers is the kind of intentions they each have for the information. The white hat hacker will attack an information system in an effort to find out the weaknesses of the system and any faults and inherent weaknesses that are present in the application. Additionally, the white hat hacker will also be sure to present a full report to the system owner with recommendations and suggestions on how best to safeguard their applications.

In opposition, black hat hackers are a dangerous form of hackers who are always probing a system for entry points and use these points to get into the system. The system they are attacking will barely feel the attack as their attacks are known to be very discrete and silent. The extent of damage they can cause, however, is much greater as the black hat hacker is not controlled in the way that they attack a system and the methods they use to gain access into secure systems. They will usually put in a lot of effort to develop vulnerability exploits which are used to get into the applications and make away with precious information.

The toolboxes that are used by black hat hackers are full of dangerous malware and other exploits that are used to get into systems and weaken the security mechanisms put in place by the system administrators. The toolboxes are known to hold a lot of information tools which take advantage of weakly secured systems which are known to be very easy to gain access into and the hacker will be very likely to develop an attack strategy that will take advantage of the easy points of access to enter the information systems.

The black hat hacker will also be very likely to use a strategy that does not take into consideration the integrity of the information system that they are attacking. They have no care for the information on the systems and any attack they mete out on the systems are known to be very damaging and spoil the systems to a degree that does not allow for recovery in many cases. The information system that is under attack will also be very likely to get corrupted by the black hat hacker and in many cases; the hacker will not care for how the system looks like once they are through with it.

In conclusion, the black hat hacker tends to have the worst set of tools in their toolbox and whenever it comes to bringing an attack to any information system, the hacker will put in effort to develop the perfect attack. The hacker will also be less concerned about the state of information and how the system is like which means they cause a lot of damage and leave a lot of corrupt information systems in their wake. The skillset might be the same but the black hat and white hat hackers are on opposing ends of the battlefield.