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Azure vs. Google Cloud

Cloud service providers vary in the nature of the services that is provided to their customers and this is one of the determiners of what someone that is looking to set up a cloud computing service will look for. The cloud service provider should be affordable in addition to being resourceful enough to enable the user access all the resources that are on offer from the cloud provider. By taking a look at the information from different providers, making a decision is very simple for a buyer and they will not need to try out too many providers before they are in a position to make a decision.

Modern cloud public infrastructure provides a set of services to the consumers that make it possible for them to build application on top of the cloud. To make it possible for the selection process to be much simpler, we place the two services side by side and dissect them in order to find out what is really inside the cloud service providers. The comparison process also reveals the strengths that are present in one provider which are not present in the other providers and as such, simplify the process of getting the best cloud service provider.

To avoided getting left in the dark by too many choices that seem to disappear the moment you are about to make a decision, be sure to narrow down your selection of a cloud service provider to very few parties that you can handle. Azure and Google Cloud Platform are some of the typical cloud service providers that have been known to be of use to customers and have seen many applications built atop them with high respect being paid to them for the benefits that they bring along with them. They have similarities and differences in their service provision which guides the decision process.

Google Cloud Platform has a different set of services from what is offered by Microsoft Azure and provides the users with enough documentation and real world examples of how they can set up their applications on top of the platform. It is really effective for applications that are designed to work with other Google services such as the Android operating system and smartphones. As a mature computing platform on the cloud, Google makes it possible to build effective applications that can be scaled up and down as the user would require.

Azure, by comparison, is very different from what is offered by Google and this presents a rift in the kind of applications that can be built atop either platforms. Microsoft Azure can be used with Windows mobile application and other Windows web applications as they fit into the architecture easily. It is also considered important to try out each of the services using the free tier and have a feel for what each platform feels like before making the final decision. This is the easiest way to make the selection process less coarse for someone looking to hop on to a cloud.