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Avoiding Hackers

Hackers are dangerous people who attack computer systems that are connected and even try to listen in to communications that you carry out on the internet. They are smart people who do bad things with information and should be kept at bay with some simple measures which are designed to thwart their attempts and get your information securely over to the destination without it getting tampered. The best way to deal with hackers is to assume they are always somewhere nearby and they have all the necessary tools and equipment to get inside your network and steal information or tamper with the software applications that you use to communicate.

Hackers are bad characters that are intent on knowing everything you do on the internet and try to intercept communication as it takes place. They create and design their own tools for breaking into systems and are considered a very dangerous lot on the web. You can avoid them by practicing safe internet usage habits such as checking whether you are on a secure connection before giving out any information and using secure forms of emailing whenever you need to transfer information from one place to another. You should also opt for firewall applications to keep your internet usage safe from their prying code in addition to using applications that are updated to keep out the hackers. Making use of strong passwords is also recommended as an internet user will be able to give the hackers increasingly tougher nuts to crack and they won’t be able to find out what is going on behind the system that has strong protection measures in place.

Hackers are also avoided by scanning your network and internet activities for any suspicious connections and unauthorized access. With this knowledge, you will be able to spot the weaknesses that your network possesses and get to keep the hackers out of the way and even block their incoming connections whenever they attempt to get inside your network. Your internet connected systems are also at risk if they are not scanned and updated frequently as they will present a weak surface for the hacker to work at and if they have enough time, might be able to work out the protection measures and habits that you have employed on your system and use them to get past your firewall by pretending to be genuine traffic.

A hacker can also be easily avoided by planning out the network security measures correctly and even placing convenient honeypots in places where you feel that a hacker would venture into.  A honeypot is designed to keep the hacker busy while you track them down and clamps down on the illegal internet addresses which might be used by the hacker to reach your system. With the honeypot, your security measures are upgraded and made stronger meaning that subsequent attempts of the hacker to get to your system will not be successful and you might even be lucky and trace them down to where they are doing the hacking from.