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Augmenting the Military with Technology

Military requires the best use of technology in order to have the best strategy as far as modern warfare is concerned. Making proper use of information makes it possible for them to make better decision and advance with a better awareness of the territory they are venturing into. A better use of information for the military also makes them better at using the available resources and budgeting better for any scenario. They are also able to make it into enemy territory with the best maps of the enemy lines which are made using drones that fly high in the atmosphere and take photographs of the battle zone.

A military strategy that is guided and supported by technology is more likely to have a good impact and the best results are obtained by making use of information properly. The military also gets to advance better into the battle when they have real time feeds that make them better at decisions which have much significance in the bigger picture. For the users of the military information systems, they will be able to coordinate their attacks and be in a better position to surprise their enemies with a large scale attack that is informed by the correct information sources.

The military has also been known to be very carefully with the means of communication it uses and for the modern age, encryption protocols that are military grade are employed in communication of sensitive information. The soldiers are better monitored with sensors that take care of streaming a live feed of the battle and getting the readings from the soldier’s vitals such as their current temperature and how fast their heart is beating. The military approach will also be more meaningful if technology has been used to plan it out better and reduce the possibility or likelihood for failure.

The soldiers that are out in the battlefield will also require having technology in order to stay aware of their surroundings. This means making use of sensors in order to find out when they have gotten into hostile surroundings and has to pull back from a portion of the terrain that is full of harmful plants and animals or too hot or cold for them to fight properly. The war is won with the correct use of information and by reducing the amount of resources expended, the war is better to manage and strategize.

In conclusion, the military that uses technology is able to stay out in the field for longer and have better leverage as compared to the war that is fought without the use of technology. Any soldier that has on-hand and timely information about the warzone will be able to navigate more easily and make the best decisions that are better informed and more in line with their specifications and duty requirements. Confidential communication is also made possible by modern encryption mechanisms that secure any information being passed across battalions as well as instructions getting down to the soldiers and other military groups.