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Artificial Intelligence and Firewalls

Information security is a very sensitive matter that people from all walks of life have tackled with both from the offense and the defense side. In any case, a lot of investment has gone into the handling of information security with measures being put in place to protect information from unauthorized access or tampering by hackers and malicious users. Firewalls are a typical example of the security measures that companies employ to keep out the hackers and filter all the traffic and information that flows into an information system. These are designed to be strong points for restricting access into information systems and a deterrent against hackers and their cheap tricks.

Artificial intelligence has also grown and with time, gotten stronger and more practical. It is possible to create systems that are capable of learning using the patterns gained and using the knowledge derived from the learning process to improve a system or make an application work better. This is made possible using neural networks and other techniques of learning to make systems that are more automated over time and begin to operate autonomously the moment they have gained a momentum in information accumulation. As such, artificial intelligence has made some gains and is seen an increased uptake.

For the security of information systems and the control of access into these systems, firewalls can work alongside artificial intelligence application or have the AI embedded into them in order to strengthen their operations. The firewalls that are strengthened by the artificial intelligence will keep out of the suspicious parties as well as learn from what gets filtered out to ensure that the patterns and strategies that are taken up by the attacker do not get to pass by the firewall for any reason. This capability of learning how the hacker is approaching a system they are looking to break into is what the artificial intelligence provides to the firewall.

Artificial intelligence boosts the performance of a firewall by improving its learning rate and stopping attacks early enough with the information it gains from the patterns of incoming traffic and the IP addresses that are blocked out most of the time. Preventing the loss of information from any modern information system through the use of artificial intelligence and firewalls is important as it ensures that anyone that tries to get past the firewall gets noticed and added to the learning database that is used by the artificial intelligence routines which augment the firewall.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence has seen its application in many areas and aspects of modern information systems and computing with the results being tremendously useful for developers and users alike. Keeping systems secured by the use of bolstered firewalls is one of the very reasons artificial intelligence has to be applied in making the firewalls smarter and better at controlling the access into a networked system. By applying rules that follow from what has been learned by the artificial intelligence, the operations of the AI get better and more effective.