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A Hacker’s Toolkit

Any hacker does not take on an information system bare-hand or without the necessary preparation. It would be considered to be very foolish for an unprepared hacker to try getting into an information system as they would get tracked down to their very location and arrested within the day. However, most modern hackers are getting better and sharpening their tools of trade in order to get an upper hand on the poorly secured information systems that are currently on the web. The hacker will also be sure to study the system before going in with their guns at the ready as this will make them more aware of the system and make sure that it does not surround them and eat up their systems.

In the preparation before any hacking attempt, there are a number of tools that the hacker will collect in order to get into the system more easily as well as reduce their chances of getting noticed by the systems that they are trying to sneak into. A hacker will also be sure to use the latest systems and applications that have not been noticed by modern security systems and operating systems. Operating systems tend to notice the patterns of the applications that are being used by a hacker and use this to develop safeguards against the applications.

A secure system will also be sure to keep itself updated on all the tricks and means used by modern hackers to gain access into the systems. With this information, the signature of information used by the applications will get logged into a database that can then be sued to cross-reference the entry attempts that are seemingly suspicious. The tools within the hacker’s toolkit are therefore considered to be very temporary and only good for a single attempt after which they are considered worthless as security systems will be sure to develop safeguards that will completely lock out the applications after they have been detected.

Scanners are a popular tool used by the hacker and this is used to map out the information system and the network that is in use by the company or organization that is being hacked. The scan will show the layout of the devices on the network and how they are connected. This will be used by the hacker to map out the flow of information around the information system and the points that are likely to be weakly guarded and break into the system from such access points.

Injection tools are another popular category in the hacker’s toolkit that are known to be very powerful to forcing application into the network flow of an information system. The network that has been injected with malware is likely to become less guarded in preventing hackers and their attack patterns as well weakening the safety points into information systems.

The safety of any modern information system is determined by the tools that a hacker uses to gain access and what methods they mostly use. For smart security systems, being in a position to know what methods and approaches will be used by the hacker in their attacks ensures that the appropriate security mechanisms are employed and deployed in time to thwart the hackers attempts.